Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We Must Go to the Streets

The voice of an individual seems insignificant, but when joined with others it gains power. When we come together in our cry, we cannot not be heard.

We that love freedom must now come together. We must raise our voices until the cry is heard throughout the land. We must proclaim freedom! We must take our shouts to the streets, for the communications media have been subverted by those in power.

Freedom should not so easily be snatched from our hands. We must go to the streets.

A few should not silence the many, as we have allowed over the last four years in the USA. We must go to the streets and let our voice be heard. Those in power fear resistance. That is why they are trying so steadfastly to avoid it.

We must go the streets, to prevent them from coming to our homes, and silencing us one by one.

Our democracy should not be an experiment that failed. For that was not why it was entrusted to us by the Creator.

We must go to the streets before it is too late.